Aespa Ningning’s Appearance At The Airport Fuels Mistreatment Allegations

Fans has trended hashtags demanding better treatment for the idol.

Aespa Ningning‘s recent airport appearance has fueled fans’ anger at allegations of mistreatment.

aespa’s Ningning

As an ambassador for Versace, Ningning attended the brand’s new store opening in Beijing on February 29. The idol, of course, looked stunning as she attended the event, wearing a pink corset look.



However, reports from those who attended the show left many alarmed by the alleged mistreatment at the hands of SM Entertainment.

According to these reports, Ningning was supposed to take photos with VIP attendees as arranged by Versace, but the idol was not allowed to do so with the other celebrity guests. She also was reportedly “scolded” by staff and made to leave Beijing earlier than expected.

Fans expressed fears of SM “ruining” her relationship with the brand with its “unprofessional behavior” and accused the company of trying to limit Ningning’s fame.

Fans Outraged Over SM Entertainment’s Alleged Mistreatment Of aespa’s NingNing During Public Event

As previously stated, Ningning left Beijing shortly after and was noticeably more subdued than her usual bubbly airport appearances. Often, the idol interacts with fans, like in the below clip of her arrival in China, and rarely covers more than her eyes with sunglasses, which is related to her eye condition.


According to fans, closer photos of the idol show her eyes looking tired, and some believe she looks as though she cried before her departure.



This has made fans even angrier at SM Entertainment, seeing its alleged mistreatment affect Ningning.


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