Aespa NingNing’s Unexpected New Hairstyle Is Reminding Fans Of Her Pre-Debut Pictures

She looks stunning!

Recently, aespa‘s Karina, Winter, and NingNing traveled to Japan for their showcase. At the airport, Karina and Winter stunned fans with their airport fashion…



While NingNing truly surprised fans with an unexpected new hairstyle. The idol has always stunned fans with her visuals, effortlessly pulling off any hairstyle or color.

NingNing | @aespa_official/Instagram
| @aespa_official/Instagram
| @aespa_official/Instagram
| @aespa_official/Instagram

But fans were delighted to see that she had cut her bangs, creating a new, youthful look.

Fans were surprised by the unexpected change but love the idol’s new look.

And are comparing her new style to some of NingNing’s pre-debut pictures.

There’s no question that NingNing looks amazing.