A Fan Proposed To aespa’s Ningning And Her Members Turned Hilariously Protective

Here’s what Ningning responded with 😂

Aespa is gearing up for arguably their biggest career milestones yet—Coachella! They will be one of only a handful of K-Pop artists who have graced the stage thus far.

aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

Prior to their performance, the girls held a live broadcast where they interacted with fans. They answered questions, discussed a variety of topics, and of course, reacted to comments.

A memorable example of the latter was when a playful fan wrote in the chat, “Ningning, marry me!”

Karina jokingly took offense to it and immediately replied with, “No, hey!” She made a swiping motion with her hand as if to cut off the netizen’s trail of thought right away.

She and Giselle both told the fan, “Not yet.” To them, Ningning is their precious maknae and is nowhere near ready to get married!

As for Ningning, she also had a similar response as her group mates. She still considers herself a “baby” at 19 years old.

I’m a baby.

— Ningning

Karina chuckled at the remark and agreed, “Yeah, she’s a baby.”

So now you know—if you ever ask Ningning to marry you, you might have some opposition coming your way!

Source: Twitter