Aespa’s NingNing Reveals The Shocking Amount Of Sleep The Group Gets During Comebacks

The shocking number worried fans!

The life of an idol used to be something seen with rose-tinted glasses, but as artists share their experiences through interviews and live streams, it proves just how hard it is.

Recently, aespa‘s NingNing gained attention after shocking fans when revealing just how little sleep the group had during their comeback period.

Aespa’s NingNing | @aespa_official/Instagram

Aespa has currently been promoting their new album, MY WORLD. Amidst the performances, fan signings, and appearances, it’s surprising that the members always seem upbeat considering how busy their schedules are.

Aespa released their new track “Spicy” | SMTOWN/YouTube
The group are performing on music shows like “Inkigayo”
Aespa are also doing interviews and appearances.     

In a recent interview, NingNing revealed the extent to how hard the group is working and that it is even impacting their sleep. During the appearance with member Karina, the youngest member of aespa explained, “Last week, I think we slept about 4-5 hours total.”

After revealing the lack of sleep the members had, even the interviewer seemed shocked. He had to clarify what NingNing had just said by adding, “Last week? 4-5 hours in one week?” which both aespa members agreed with.

Considering how many schedules they have had, including the interview, it wasn’t surprising that the host of the show couldn’t stop praising the idols, as Karina explained that it was because of the prerecorded broadcasts.

Wow, you guys are amazing… true professionals.

While most celebrities would have crumbled, NingNing and Karina’s view of their schedules showcased their professionalism and desire to continue.

NingNing: But I’m kind of enjoying this feeling now… the feeling of having lost your mind.

Karina: But it’s true. It kinda feels like we’re flying.

The video was shared by a Korean fan, and they gave a brief explanation of the video, also adding how strong NingNing was with her explanation.

They said they slept a total of 4-5 hours the whole week..
But Ningning is a strong woman
She says she enjoys that feeling, the feeling of having lost your mind…

Although most of the comments under the tweet were Korean, some international fans who understood the clip couldn’t hide their concerns for the members. While it isn’t unheard of for idols not to get much sleep during comebacks, the amount aespa has for the amount of work they do seems unfair.

While the strict and busy schedules of K-Pop idols aren’t unheard of, it seems unfair that the members are not given enough time to rest amidst grueling and tiring activities.

Source: @ae_ingkko