aespa’s Ningning Reveals Which Part Of “Black Mamba” She Struggled With The Most

“Whenever I sing that part, it comes out weird.”

aespa‘s Ningning revealed which part of their debut song she struggled with the most!

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aespa recently appeared on SBS‘s Kim Young Chul Power FM, where they talked about tons of interesting topics, from their personal lives to their career!

As Ningning is a foreign member hailing from China, Kim Young Chul asked her,

How long have you been learning [Korean]?

—Kim Young Chul

Ningning revealed that she came to Korea in 2016, and has been learning Korean ever since!

I came to Korea in ’16 [2016].


He then questioned her about anything she finds difficult to pronounce in particular, and Ningning revealed that there was a certain line in their debut song “Black Mamba” that she really found challenging!

For pronunciation…Ah, our song! My part? Where I say, “You’re charming but I gotta deny.”

Whenever I sing that part, it comes out weird.


Ning then elaborated on how she tends to mess up that one line each time, and revealed why she finds it so challenging!

It’s supposed to be pronounced as “You’re charming”, but sometimes I say, “You’re charm! ing!”. I emphasize it.

In Chinese, you usually pronounce things strongly, so I find it a bit difficult to switch to Korean.


Kudos to Ningning for pulling through and delivering flawlessly, anyway!

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Watch the whole thing here from the 10:34 mark onwards!