Netizens Spot Something Different About aespa Ningning’s Sexy Dress At “2023 Music Bank Global Festival”

Did you notice?

On December 15, K-Pop’s hottest stars attended the 2023 Music Bank Global Festival in style.


Among them was aespa, dressed in elegant black dresses of varying styles and lengths.


Ningning‘s Versace x Dua Lipa Medusa Cut-Out Gown was especially eye-catching, going beyond the traditional design of most formal dresses. From the front, Ningning’s dress could be mistaken for a crop top and skirt at first glance…


…but from the side, more connecting straps between the top and skirt can be seen.

Ningning’s dress is also backless, which allows her dark hair to stand out just as much as the dress does against her skin tone.

Online fashionistas were able to track down Ningning’s dress, revealing an alteration made to the original design.

The original dress has an additional cut-out section in the front, created by two halves of the top being connected by straps.


Additional fabric was added to Ningning’s dress, preventing wardrobe malfunctions that could have otherwise occurred.

Even so, cameras captured Ningning covering herself as she walked down from the red carpet platform — just in case.

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