Aespa’s NingNing Shocks Netizens With Her Insane Body Proportions And Physique


Aespa‘s NingNing shocked netizens with her unreal visuals and insane body proportions during a recent performance.

Aespa’s NingNing | @imnotningning/Instagram

Since debuting, NingNing has never failed to shock fans with her unreal talent.


Yet, she is also beautiful and shines not only with her visuals but her stunning proportions.

| @imnotningning/Instagram
| @imnotningning/Instagram
| @imnotningning/Instagram

Recently, the members of aespa have been promoting their new song “Drama,” and of course, it has stolen the hearts of fans worldwide, being uber badass and catchy AF.

On November 16, the group appeared on M Countdown. Dressed in white, all of the members looked beautiful.


Yet, it was NingNing’s presence that truly caught the attention of fans. Dressed in a two-piece outfit, NingNing showcased her vocal talent throughout, staying stable while performing in front of fans.


In particular, netizens noticed that along with vocals, NingNing was serving face and body. Of course, NingNing’s face card never disappoints, but netizens couldn’t get over how toned the idol’s physique was and how angelic she looked in the outfit.



When the videos were posted, netizens couldn’t stop gushing about how beautiful NingNing looked, with many dubbing her visuals “legendary.”

As always, NingNing never fails to take the internet by storm, and it feels like whatever she does, the idol’s visuals become a hot topic.

Source: M2