Aespa’s Ningning Transforms Her Look With Surprising Bold Short Haircut & “Tattoos”

It’s driving fans crazy in the best way 😍

In a recent update for fans, aespa‘s Ningning shocked everyone by revealing a bold & gorgeous new short haircut—and some “tattoos” to boot!

Ningning has been bold with her hairstyles since aespa first debuted. In the music video for their first track, “Black Mamba,” Ningning was seen with blue-gray hair.

Aespa’s Ningning | SMTOWN/YouTube

Then, during their “Forever” era, she went with a shoulder-length look.

| @aespa_official/Twitter

And, most recently, she revealed vibrant red hair for “Next Level.”

| SMTOWN/YouTube

Now, however, Ningning has made an even more daring hair move. In an update to fans today, the main vocalist shocked everyone by suddenly revealing a new, very short haircut.

MYs say the haircut is reminiscent of a mullet or the popular “wolf cut,” but Ningning definitely gave this style her own unique twist.

The choppy locks give the 18-year-old a feeling of confident maturity, while the warm brown hair color reflects her softness.

On top of the haircut, Ningning also showed off two tattoos—a feather on her arm…

… and a flower near her collarbone. Sadly, for excited fans, Ningning revealed that tattoos are fake, temporary stickers, but she also assured everyone her haircut is real and definitely not a wig.

Unsurprisingly, everyone instantly fell in love with Ningning’s new look. Alongside trending on Twitter, it also went viral on Weibo with over 45 million views in six hours.

While some fans think her new ‘do may be a sign that a comeback is imminent, many are simply hoping she’ll keep the style until their next release, no matter how soon or far away that is.