Aespa’s NingNing Arrives In Paris To The Relief Of Fans, But Fans Are Still Calling Out SM Entertainment For How They Handled The Situation

Fans are relieved, but…

Fans were incredibly excited when SM Entertainment announced that aespa would attend Paris Fashion Week for the Givenchy SS23 show and hold an in-person fansign.

aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

But fans and reporters were surprised that when aespa arrived at the airport to fly to France, only Giselle, Karina, and Winter were there.

Giselle, Karina, Winter

Aespa definitely seemed to miss NingNing, making sure to mention her as they greeted fans.

SM Entertainment then put out a statement for fans, explaining that there were issues with NingNing’s visa, which is why she could not fly to France with her members.


Although fans were frustrated by the issue, their outrage grew when NingNing gave fans an update of her own that seemed to indicate that SM Entertainment didn’t prepare her visa at all.

Since fans believe SM Entertainment is entirely at fault, they have been understandably voicing their frustration with how such an important event was handled.

Fans are also pointing out that it feels especially unfair since fansites had explicitly come to Paris to see NingNing, and fans attending the fan signing still don’t know if they would see the idol.

Understandably fans were demanding updates from SM Entertainment about the status of NingNing’s visa, wondering if the idol would be able to come to Paris at all.

Fans were especially frustrated with the situation since they believe that SM Entertainment has mistreated NingNing in the past by not releasing important updates and statements.

However, despite the lack of updates from SM Entertainment, NingNing made it to Paris, surprising fans with her sudden appearance.

Fans are relieved that the idol could make it in time for Paris Fashion Week and the fansign.

And fans are, as always, in awe of her stunning fashion and visuals, proving exactly why she belongs at Paris Fashion Week.

However, even though NingNing was able to arrive in time, fans are still frustrated with how SM Entertainment handled the situation and are demanding better treatment of aespa and NingNing in the future.

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