Aespa’s Ningning Designed Her Own Tattoo, And It’s Cute AF

We LOVE this tattoo 😍

We’ve always known aespa‘s Ningning is a multi-talented queen, but we’re shook that she’s great at tattoo design, too!

aespa’s Ningning | @aespa_official/Instagram

Seoul-based tattoo artist Playground (also known as Diki) posted photos of Ningning’s tattoos in his latest Instagram post.

| @playground_tat2/Instagram

In Playground’s post, Ningning is shown showing off a tattoo that says “sweetener,” presumably in reference to Ariana Grande’s album Sweetener. She also showed her devil-angel tattoo.

Playground is known for his incredible fine line work, and Ningning’s tattoos are no different. The lines are super clean, and her tattoos look great!

Although Ningning’s tattoos look great, Playground revealed something that made them even more incredible in the caption for this Instagram post: Ningning drew one of her new tattoos herself! He revealed that Ningning had designed the devil-angel tattoo herself by saying, “A cute devil she drew personally and lettering, aespa Ningning.”

Both of Ningning’s tattoos came out really well, but we especially love the devil-angel tattoo. It’s so cute and delicate, and we’ll never be over the fact that Ningning drew it herself!