“THE Main Event” — aespa’s Ningning Stuns In A Little Black Dress At The Versace Icons Dinner

Ningning is everything.

Aespa‘s Ningning has stunned fans yet again with her looks!

aespa’s Ningning | Vogue China

Just a day ago, aespa’s Ningning left many in awe of her visuals as she departed to Shanghai. Many netizens claimed she had entered her “legendary” visuals phase as she rocked an all-black outfit.

Netizens Believe aespa’s NingNing Entered Her “Legendary” Visual Phase After These Photos Emerged

With her gorgeous appearance, it’s no surprise she was invited to this special event.

The Versace Icons Dinner has been held in two other locations to celebrate the brand’s Icon collection, hosting several celebrities, including Cindy Crawford and Anne Hathaway, who co-hosted the New York City event.

(left to right) Anne Hathaway and Donatella Versace. | Joe Schildhorn/BFA.com

Fans waited anxiously for Ningning’s look for the event and were not disappointed. The aespa member wore the Crystal Medusa ’95 Mini Dress, a sparkly little black dress featuring a gold strap detail.

The gorgeous dress retails for $3650 USD.

| Versace/Weibo
| Versace/Weibo
| Versace/Weibo

Several of the photos shared by Versace had an old Hollywood feel, with Ningning giving off the vibe of a young starlet (Ningning acting debut when?).

| Versace/Weibo
| Versace/Weibo
| Versace/Weibo

Fan-taken photos were just as impressive, giving a closer, unedited look at Ningning’s visuals.

Many attendees also snapped pictures with Ningning, though nothing showed off her main event energy more than where she sat during the dinner — right next to Donatella Versace herself!

This continued even as she left the event, with fans waiting to greet the artist into the night.

Fans couldn’t help but fawn over Ningning’s visuals at this event, showing their appreciation online.