The Hilarious Reason Why aespa’s Ningning Couldn’t Stop Laughing In Her Dance Challenge Video With WINNER

It’s a must-watch collab!

WINNER and aespa are gaining attention for their recent funny interactions.

On July 24, the two groups met backstage of SBS‘s Inkigayo as fellow performers of the week. Following the current trend in K-Pop, they invited each other to do a dance challenge of their title tracks to be uploaded online.

The usual outcomes of such videos are either cute or cool mini performances with other K-Pop idols.





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♬ Girls – aespa

This time around, however, the “GIRLS” cover of Ningning, Mino, and Seungyoon went viral for its comedic side. Instead of the usual static shot that captures all singers in one frame, WINNER’s dancer, TikTok star, and the video’s camera director, Seunghoon, made sure to focus mostly on Ningning.

He zoomed in and out multiple times without care if he cut his own members from the shot. At one point, even Seungyoon’s face could no longer be seen.

From left to right: Mino, Ningning, and Seungyoon

Mino and Seungyoon also played along like good sports, and Ningning couldn’t stop laughing throughout the video because of their antics.

Fans of both groups reacted positively to the collaboration. They joked that WINNER looked like backup dancers because of the camera work and that they knew instinctively it was Seunghoon’s doing. The fact that Ningning was giggling the entire time was another highlight as well.

| @aespa_official/TikTok

Ningning later returned the favor by joining Mino and Seungyoon for their own “I LOVE U” TikTok challenge. This time, the camera was fixed and all three could be seen from start to finish.


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Source: TikTok