Why aespa Pulled Off A Nearly Unheard-Of Feat In K-Pop With Their Very First Concert In Japan

It’s incredibly rare.

After several months of waiting, aespa‘s first-ever Japanese tour, SYNK : HYPER LINE, has finally kicked off! The SM Entertainment girl group held their very first concert at Osaka-jō Hall, making fans go wild with performances of their hit songs…

…and hearing the members speak in Japanese.

Best of all, an incredibly large crowd showed up. The concert venue was completely filled from top to bottom, and it had a capacity of 16,000 people.

What makes this accomplishment even more striking is that aespa has yet to even make their Japan debut! The members haven’t even had many Japanese promotions to begin with, so it just goes to show that they have an organic popularity.

| @aespa_official/Twitter

Being able to fill up such a large venue without having made their debut is practically unheard of. It’s a rare feat that they should be proud of.

The enormous audience is proof that if aespa were to debut in Japan one day, their album is sure to be a hit!

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