Aespa Released Their Performance Stage Video For “Savage”—Here’s Why Karina Went Viral After It

She went viral after this performance!

Ever since her debut, aespa‘s Karina has gone viral for her gorgeous, AI-visuals many times, and she’s gone viral for them once again!



Aespa recently released the stage performance video for their latest comeback track “Savage”, where they totally delivered on visuals, vocals, and super sharp choreography!

While Karina killed it onstage, one thing netizens could not stop talking about were her visuals as she executed each move of the choreography perfectly! With the powerful dance, Karina’s long hair got a little messy, but that just added to her charms and upped her visuals power a whole notch higher!

| The Qoo
| The Qoo
| The Qoo

With her messy hair, charismatic gaze, and power moves, Karina was serving onstage!

And along with her top-tier visuals, Karina also got her due recognition as a performer! The main dancer wowed netizens everywhere with one particular move during the dance break in “Savage”, where she propelled her right wrist quickly while simultaneously doing the same move with her left wrist in a slower movement!

Fans cannot stop talking about her performing this crazy move perfectly!

You can watch the whole “Savage” performance here!

And don’t forget to check out the MV for “Savage” here!

Source: The Qoo