Aespa Reveal “Girls” Album Was Delayed By Months — And Why That Made A Huge Difference

It’s a relief the album is finally being released!

As part of promotions for their upcoming album Girls, aespa sat down with Audacy Music for an interview where they discussed the group’s latest single “Life’s Too Short” and more!

aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

Each member of the group discussed their favorite tracks off the upcoming album…..

…and what recording the upcoming album was like along with their favorite parts of that process.

When asked what they learned from creating this album Giselle began by explaining that the album was actually delayed.

“While preparing for this album, it was released a lot later than what was expected.”


Giselle then turns to confirm with the other members before stating that the album was originally meant to be released around March or April! Normally, for both the artist and fans, album delays are a pain but as it turns out aespa had some positive things to say about the extra wait time.

“We were really got to experience the process of making it (the album) better, clean and cutting, you know, the result. Recording the other songs and trying to express more of our vibe and stuff. I think we put a lot more effort into doing this since we had a little more time than expected.”


The other members agree with this statement and confirm that they feel very proud of this new album! It seems like being able to take their time while recording with tighter deadlines made the members much more comfortable and able to really put their best foot forward.

Girls teaser photo feature aespa and their AIs. | @aespa_official/Twitter

It seems like the delay was perfect for the group’s goal of breaking their own records, something Giselle says is their focus.

“I think rather than us having one exact goal or one thing that we want to do or break is that we actually want to just keep breaking out own records. We want to keep improving ourselves.”



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