Here Are The Easter Eggs In aespa’s Outfits For “Savage” That You Might Have Missed, According To Their Stylist

What do you think they could mean?

After debuting last year, SM Entertainment‘s newest girl group, aespa, has gained attention for being “Monster Rookies.” Their talent, visuals, and unique concepts have made the group stand out from the rest of the K-Pop groups around now.

The members of aespa | SM Entertainment

Yet, aside from these points, one thing that always stuns fans is their fashion choices when it comes to concept photos and music videos. From their debut in “Next Level” to “Savage,” each member has their own style and identity, which is all down to their stylist.

In a recent interview for W Korea, aespa’s stylist Kim Wook sat down alongside other K-Pop stylists and discussed everything from his start in fashion, what it’s like to work with aespa, and much more.

Stylist Kim Wook | W Korea

Although it seems like aespa’s styling is all to do with the concept, Kim Wook explained that everything was done for a reason, if it wasn’t initially intentional. In the interview, he said, “There are hidden details in the first look that was revealed in the “Savage” teaser.”

However, it seems as if the thought behind each outfit went much further than many might expect. Although Kim Wook didn’t think about it at first, he used fashion to act as an “Easter Egg” to fans, which means someone hides a hidden message or spoiler in something.

We were debating on what to put here without making it look too childish, so we used each of their Neo-symbols. I didn’t think much of it while I was working on it, but I thought that if someone found it later, it would be fun, like an Easter egg.

— Kim Wook

“Savage” concept photo | @aespa_official/ Twitter

Giselle‘s outfit was meant to represent a “black hole,” which could relate to the wilderness concept for their universe “KWANGYA.” This was a huge shock for many fans as Giselle’s character has always been seen as someone who represents the light. Yet, light is unable to escape from black holes due to its ability to bend light.

| @aespa_official/ Twitter

Winter‘s outfit was focused on the idea of the storm, and Karina‘s focused on the idea of sparks. Two contrasting elements are seen as things that shouldn’t be put together due to the danger water poses with electricity. Yet, in the music video, they are two idols who work in harmony throughout.

| @aespa_official/ Twitter

| @aespa_official/ Twitter

The final member he spoke about was NingNing. In her “Savage” outfits, many praised the use of colors and style. Yet, even the smallest details had a meaning. For Kim Wook, he saw NingNing’s symbol as being “code.” For this, he looked back at the concept used for “Next Level” and focused on that idea.

| @aespa_official/ Twitter

Although many suspected that everything in the group’s music videos meant something, through this interview, Kim Wook confirmed that even the outfits represented the theories about each members’ role in its worldview, “KWANGYA.”

While some fans have voiced their confusion about his explanation, many praised each member’s outfit’s innovation and thought. You can read more about what aespa thinks the meaning of “Savage” is below.

Source: W Korea