Aespa Scores A Historic Grand Prize Win At The 2022 Korean Music Awards — Here Is What Makes It Special

They truly are one of the leaders of their generation.

SM Entertainment‘s “monster rookie group” aespa has once again made history, this time at this year’s Korean Music Awards. The four-member group has been collecting trophies left and right since their debut, and their latest win has allowed them to join Girls’ Generation as the only female group to have made one particularly special achievement at the prestigious Korean Music Awards.

| @aespa_official/Instagram

After an incredible year that saw aespa win the “Rookie of the Year” category at all the major award shows…

…the group has officially become the most decorated girl group of the fourth generation of K-Pop.

It was already impressive enough that they were the group with the most nominations at this year’s Korean Music Awards, but they ended up walking away with three big awards (out of four nominations). They won in the categories of “Best K-Pop Song,” “Rookie of the Year,” and “Song of the Year,” effectively cementing their status as one of the leaders of their generation.

But it was the third category, “Song of the Year,” that holds particular significance. Aespa won with their mega-hit “Next level”—meaning that they are only the second girl group to win in this category. The only other girl group in the history of the Korean Music Awards to earn this grand prize is Girls’ Generation, who won with “Gee” in 2010. Incidentally, Girls’ Generation are aespa’s seniors at SM Entertainment, and the members have been known to be incredibly supportive of aespa and the other younger groups.

And though they may be only the second girl group to win a grand prize at the Korean Music Awards, aespa’s win has also made them the first fourth generation idol group to ever win a grand prize there!

Given all of aespa’s impressive achievements, fans are pointing out that SM Entertainment really hit the jackpot with this group…

…and they’re not wrong! In the short time since they debuted, aespa have proven to be true trailblazers. It will be exciting to see what they accomplish next, as they still have their whole careers ahead of them! But in the meantime, congratulations to aespa on a well-deserved win.