Aespa Fans Call SM Entertainment Out For Dangerous Styling, Alleged Favoritism, And More

“The stylist must have an extreme hatred for Karina…”

aespa‘s stunning members can pull off any look, but some of their outfits are downright dangerous, according to MY.

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Once again, aespa’s fandom is voicing their frustration about ongoing issues with the group’s styling, from broken accessories to alleged favoritism.

On X (formerly known as Twitter), fans pointed out the striking differences between the aespa members’ wardrobes. According to one MY, in the same period of time that Ningning received nine new outfits, Winter received six, Giselle received three, and Karina received…not much at all.

Additionally, fans have pointed out alleged “unprofessional behavior” from aespa’s styling team. MYs claim that Karina has been styled in not one, but several, outfits that put her at risk for preventable injuries. At 2022 MBC Gayo Daejejeonthe sole of Karina’s platform boot separated from the rest of the boot while she was dancing.

She wore mismatched boots with different heel types and height differences on stage.

Karina has also been dressed in “dangling” outfits that could easily be tripped over.


A revealing shirt, an uncomfortably short skirt, damaged hair, tripping hazards, broken accessories, and unflattering aesthetics are just some of the fashion disasters MYs have listed.

As of right now, aespa’s agency, SM Entertainment, has yet to address fans’ complaints.

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