Fans Are Impressed By aespa’s Professional Image As They Attend The United Nation’s 2022 High-Level Political Forum

Their suits give “CEO vibes.”

K-Pop girl group aespa is attending the United Nation‘s 2022 High-Level Political Forum. The annual forum assesses each country’s commitment to the U.N’s Sustainable Development Goals.

At the forum, aespa will perform their song “Next Level” and deliver a speech titled “Next Generation to the Next Level.”

Understandably, fans of the group are incredibly proud of aespa’s impact in being able to attend the forum.

In fan-taken pictures of aespa on their way to the forum, fans were impressed by how professional and powerful the members looked.

Karina looked effortlessly stunning and professional.

Giselle‘s red hair looked dazzling when paired with her black suit.

Winter showed her impressive duality, serving both adorable and gorgeous looks.

And NingNing looked stunningly chic and powerful in every photo.

After seeing behind-the-scenes footage of aespa rehearsing for their speech, fans are even more excited to see what important global messages the group will share.

Source: The Korea Herald