Aespa’s Winter Gains Attention After Their Latest “Savage” Performance—Here’s Why

Netizens couldn’t stop talking about her after the stage!

Aespa‘s Winter is gaining a ton of love for her visuals in their latest performance!

Winter | @aespa_official/Twitter

The members of aespa performed their latest comeback song “Savage” on The Show, and absolutely killed it onstage!

All of them looked gorgeous during the performance, but Winter gained attention from netizens for her incredibly cute twin ponytails that she pulled off ridiculously well!

| The Qoo
| The Qoo
| The Qoo

She was a whole cutie for her iconic opening part in “Savage”….

…and then crushed the stage with her girl crush vibes!

Winter also included her members, Ningning and Giselle in her opening line in “Savage”! Her palm reads a birthday message for the two, because Ningning’s birthday was on October 23 and Giselle’s is coming up on October 30!

Happy bday

Winter in twin ponytails is the cutest thing ever!

| @aespa_official/Twitter
| @sbsmtvtheshow/Twitter

Watch their performance of “Savage” on The Show here!

Source: The Qoo


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