Aespa’s Winter Picks Her Favourite Hairstyle — But Fans Have Mixed Feelings About It

She pulls everything off perfectly, though.

Aespa‘s Winter has stunned fans with many different looks, but there is one hairstyle that she tends to stick to, and fans have mixed opinions about it.

Aespa’s Winter | @aespa_official/Instagram

Like her members, Winter has gained attention many times for having the most unreal visuals. Her bob cut has been a popular look with fans…

…and has even become the signature look by which many people recognize her.

Out of all the looks she’s pulled off so far, it has proved to be her favorite!

And she has certainly used it to great effect.

But after seeing her in a bob so often, MYs are starting to want something different. More specifically, they want Winter with long hair. When aespa attended the recent YSL Beauty event on January 18, fans were disappointed to see that she had cut her hair again.

While the reactions were largely amusing…

…many MYs seemed to ultimately agree that “long-hair Winter” needs to make a comeback. They were therefore excited when she wore hair extensions for her performance with GOT The Beat at the 2023 Seoul Music Awards.

Winter’s long hair may be a next-level look, but the truth is that she looks good in everything!


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