Aespa’s Winter Is Going Viral For Her “Flirty” AF Photocards — Just For The Fangirls

Aespa know their fanbase!

Aespa‘s Winter has gained attention for her recent photocards… just for the fangirls.

Since debuting, Winter has always shocked netizens with her sexy, beautiful, and cute visuals. In particular, she has gained a huge following of fans, and many of them are fangirls.

Aespa’s Winter | @imwinter/Instagram
| @imwinter/Instagram
| @imwinter/Instagram

The aespa are currently promoting their latest song, “Drama,” and of course, there are photocards to be collected. Two from the Chinese shop StarRiver have gained attention.

In the first photocard that caught fans’ attention, the message read, “Shouldn’t I be able to court all the girls?” The phrase court is less literal and widely means being involved with someone romantically, usually with the intention of marrying them in the future.

If that wasn’t enough, there was another photocard just for the female fans. With a cuter picture of Winter in space buns, the message in Chinese reads, “Princess, open the door, it’s Winter.”

When the photocards were posted, with similar translations and meanings, huge accounts couldn’t get enough of the messages on the cards. While it’s thought that the Chinese fans pick the messages, it showcases how Winter’s fanbase consists mainly of fangirls.

As always, aespa is a girl group for everyone. In the past, there was a stereotype that girl groups mainly had male fans. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and idols are proving it, making sure to cater to all their fans.