Aespa’s Winter Goes Viral For Her Unexpected “Rockstar” Moment

“Wait my brain is still processing…”

Aespa just held the first day of their long-awaited first solo concert since their debut, the 2023 aespa 1st Concert ‘SYNK: HYPER LINE.’

aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

From the moment fans first entered the venue, they were immersed in the entire concert experience.

Which combined technology with the members’ incredible live performances to create an unforgettable concert experience.

Fans loved the new songs that aespa showcased, which only increased anticipation for their upcoming album.

And aespa showed off their incredible vocal and dance talents, and astonishing charisma on stage.

Winter especially stood out to fans as the talented performer surprised them by playing the guitar for the concert’s opening performance of “Girls.”

aespa’s Winter | @mindoongie01/Twitter

| @yangsanpride/Twitter

Shocking fans with her unexpected but impressive skill.

The clip of Winter playing guitar has gone viral, with over one million views at the time of this article.

And the idol further proved her skill as she set aside the guitar to join her members, effortlessly hitting high notes.

Fans still have day two of the concert to look forward to and can rest assured that it will undoubtedly be epic.