Aespa’s Winter And Karina Are Successful Fangirls After Meeting Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

They met their idol, and revealed what it was like!

Aespa‘s Karina and Winter totally unleashed their adorable inner fangirls after meeting Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung!

Sooyoung| @sooyoungchoi/ Instagram

On January 31, aespa attended the 2021 Seoul Music Awards, hosted by Sooyoung, Super Junior‘s Heechul, and Shin Dong Yup!

Heechul, Sooyoung and Shin Dong Yup| @sooyoungchoi/ Instagram

They tore the stage apart with their incredible performances, and also slayed the red carpet, following which the girls of aespa took a photo with former SM Entertainment labelmate Sooyoung!

| @aespa_official/ Twitter

In a recently-released behind-the-scenes video, Karina and Winter gushed about finally being able to meet Sooyoung as huge fans of Girls’ Generation!

Showing off a picture that aespa took with Sooyoung, Karina revealed that Girls’ Generation was one of the biggest reasons for her wanting to be an idol in the first place! With a wistful expression, she talked about how happy she is to be a successful fan!

The pretty yellow dress in the middle is Sooyoung. I’ve succeeded everyone. I wanted to become a singer because of Girls’ Generation. She is beautiful. I have no other wishes right now.

Although I’d regret if I die because I haven’t seen MYs[aespa’s fandom name] yet, but I’ve made my dream come true. “Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation. Tomorrow, it’s Girls Generation. Forever, it’s Girls’ Generation”!


Winter joined her soon, showing off the same photo, and talked about the experience of meeting Sooyoung!

I have something to brag about here! I don’t think Karina has shown it. Only I could show it everyone…ta da! I took a photo! It really felt like…I saw celebrities for the first time. A real celebrity.


The two then fawned over Amazing Saturday, the variety show of which Taeyeon is a part of, as their main cast!

I really like Amazing Saturday, you know. Please invite us next time, Shin Dong Yup sunbaenim, okay?


Karina and Winter are such adorable fans of Girls’ Generation!

| @aespa_official/ Twitter

You can watch them fangirl over the here!