Korean Netizens Can’t Decide Which Of These 2 Looks Is aespa Winter’s Most Iconic Look

Which look do you like best?

Aespa‘s Winter always looks beautiful, but Korean netizens can’t decide which of her eras has been her legendary visual era.

aespa’s Winter | @aespa_official/Instagram

Netizens on Nate Pann recently debated which of 2 of Winter’s most iconic looks was her best look. The original poster asked other fans to decide between Winter’s short black hair and her long blonde hair.

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The original poster asked netizens to vote for their favorite look by upvoting or downvoting the post. Upvoting was a vote for Winter’s black hair and downvoting was a vote for her blonde hair. Currently, the vote stands at 312 for Winter’s black hair and 389 for her blonde hair.

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Although the votes show a small preference for Winter’s blonde hair, the comments show that netizens’ opinions on Winter’s best look are still divided. The top 2 comments on the post show that both her black and blonde hair are extremely loved.

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I literally became her fan because I fell in love with her gorgeous black hair + bangs look.

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Winter from Black Mamba era is legendary.


The rest of the comments also indicate netizens cannot decide which of these 2 looks is truly Winter’s best look.

| Nate Pann

  • “I think the ‘Black Mamba’ style looks the best on her for sure.”
  • “During the ‘Black Mamba’ era, she looked beautiful but that’s it. She didn’t really stand out or anything. Once she cut her hair short and got bangs, she became unique. Now when I think of short black hair, I’m reminded of Winter.”
  • “When she had long blonde hair, she looked chic and sophisticated. But with short black hair, something doesn’t feel right. Like her make-up looks weirdly unset and whatnot… It looks like she’s wearing too much make-up, almost.”
  • “Wait, what?! People like her long blonde hair better? That’s surprising because I honestly thought the short black hair fit her like magic. I guess people like her blonde look a lot more than I thought.”

While netizens can’t agree on which look is truly Winter’s best look, we can all agree that she looked amazing with both black and blonde hair!

Source: Nate Pann