Aespa’s Winter & NingNing Are Truly “WinNing” As Praises Pour In For Their Combined Visuals

Aespa is truly a group of all visuals.

Though the “official” visuals of aespa are considered to be Karina and Winter, each of the members of the group are undeniably beautiful in their own ways.


One duo that doesn’t get discussed a whole lot together, though, are Winter and maknae NingNing!

NingNing & Winter (aespa) | SM Entertainment

Together, the two make up the maknae line of aespa as the youngest members, and also the vocal line of the group as the lead vocalist (Winter) and main vocalist (NingNing) of aespa.

Winter & NingNing | SM Entertainment

Their friendship pairing name is the fitting and adorable “WinNing”, which suits the two talented female idols very well!

| SM Entertainment

Recently, one particular photo of the two youngest members of aespa has been making waves on social media due to their unparalleled beauty.

The photo, shown below, is the subject of conversation for a post on an online forum titled “No but what’s up with Winter and NingNing’s face combination…?”, which praises their visuals in the picture.

NingNing (left) and Winter (right) | SM Entertainment

The author includes the comment, “They kinda warm my eyes…? NingWin are unexpectedly a good match”, and we definitely agree.

Many comments from Korean netizens on the post are in agreement with the original author’s opinion of the photo!

  • “Ah they’re f*cking f*cking pretty, seriously both have such big eyes”
  • “Wow Winter is crazy no ???? She’s f*cking pretty”
  • “No but what’s up with Winter? NingNing is f*cking pretty too but Winter f*ck”
  • “They both have f*cking huge eyes and they kinda have that end of century sentimentality”
  • “F*ck what’s up with Winter? She’s f*cking pretty”

| SM Entertainment

International fans have chimed in with their sentiments as well, with much the same opinion as the Korean netizens.

  • “SM needs to stop gatekeeping them for real”
  • “that’s why they are WINNING”
  • “my visual vocal power duo <33”
  • “ningning is GORGEOUS she doesn’t get complimented enough for her visuals, not only is she a great vocalist she’s also super pretty with great stage presence, she’s a gem!”
  • “My favourite duo in aespa! Been struggling to pick a bias out of these two. They are both just very charming, and I love their vocals too!”

| @aespa_official/Twitter

Anything that these talented and beautiful women create and share with the public is bound to be received well with their talents combined!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa