Aespa’s Winter Feels Very Pressured By Cover Songs Despite The Group’s Success With Them

She revealed why!

Monster rookie girl group aespa debuted in 2020, and already have a ton of hit songs under their belt! They have some amazing original bops, such as “Savage” and “aenergy”…

…and they also have great remake songs, such as “Next Level” and “Dreams Come True”!

Aespa recently sat down with Allure Korea for an interview together, where they answered questions from fans about their favorite scents, sleeping habits, and more!


One of the questions they were asked was,

Tell me the song each of you wants to cover.

Winter revealed that even though the group has done so many cover songs, most of which were hits, she was still very pressured about covering them because the original artist would also see their work, which led to lots of worries for her.

Covers actually give me a lot of pressure…because the song has an original owner. So we should do it very well when we cover.


She then went on to say that even though it can get burdensome, there’s a song she really wants to cover one day…Lee Soo Man‘s “Love And Hate”!

Even so! For me, I want [to cover] Lee Soo Man’s “Love And Hate”. I wonder how it will be if aespa remakes it?


All her members agreed, and Giselle even asked Lee Soo Man to look forward to it!

You can watch them talk about it here!

aespa also blew everybody away with their recent debut at Coachella. Check out their performances of “aenergy”, “Black Mamba”, and “Next Level” here!