Aespa’s Winter Reveals What Each Members’ Adorable Speaking Habits Are

They all have such cute habits when they talk!

Aespa‘s Winter recently shared what each members’ speaking habits are!

SM Entertainment recently released a behind-the-scenes video of aespa’s jacket shoot for “Black Mamba”.

| aespa/ YouTube

Through the video, fans were able to see many different sides to aespa’s many charms!

Members Winter and Giselle began discussing how awkward it was for them to first do self-cams, but are now more comfortable with it!

I think the more I do this, I’m talking to myself more. At first it was really awkward. I was like, “Yes~What did I do today~” Then I just handed it over to whoever’s next to me. Like that… But now, I think I can do this for a whole hour.


Winter then brought up how through self-cams, she noticed that each member has a prticular speaking habit!

But now that I think about it, I think we all have speaking habits.


She and Giselle then revealed maknae Ningning‘s habits first!

Winter: Ningning’s a bit… She says things like, “It’s okay~”!

Giselle: “No big deal~”, “So hard!”


Next was Karina, and the two brought up how quick she is to say sorry!

Karina has this habit of saying sorry! If she hits you while bringing her hair to the back, she’ll be like, “Sorry!”


They also talked about how Karina makes cute sounds, and treats the other members like her kids!

Things like, “Such a cutie!”, “Oh really, darling?”, “Come baby, come and sit here!”


Next was Giselle, and Winter hilariously called her her aunt!

She’s an aunt, Winter’s aunt! “Wow~So pretty!”, “Wow~come see this dear~” Something like that?


Watch this cute moment here, from the 6:07 mark onwards!