Aespa’s Winter Stuns In First Solo Photoshoot For Vogue Korea

“Ooh love that bad bitch side eye.”

For the Vogue Korea Digital Issue April 2023 magazine, a photoshoot with aespa‘s Winter has recently been revealed for a collaboration with Polo Ralph Lauren!

Winter (aespa)

This is the first solo photoshoot that the aespa member has participated in, and it has already proven Winter to be as talented a model as she is a K-Pop idol.

The photoshoot includes a number of different outfits and hairstyles on the idol, all of which Winter looks stunning in, showing just how versatile she is as a visual.

The photos became the topic of conversation on a post on an online forum, where fans praised her beauty and shared their excitement for this opportunity for Winter to shine on her own!

Some commenters even shared how they think she shares similarities to Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon in some of these photos, which is definitely high praise.

We don’t doubt that this is just the first of many successful solo photoshoots that Winter will take part in!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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