Aespa’s Winter Goes Viral For Her GOT The Beat Fancam… All Because Of Her Thumbnail

Netizens can’t stop LOL-ing!

Since debuting, SM Entertainment‘s girl group, aespa, has continued to wow netizens with their unrivaled talent, charming charisma, and stunning visuals. Whether they are on stage, wandering the streets of New York, or just taking selfies, they never cease to go viral.

Yet, recently, member Winter has gained attention from fans for her visuals, but in a completely different way.

Aespa’s Winter | @aespa_official/ Twitter

With member Karina, Winter is currently promoting as part of SM’s newest supergroup, GOT the beat, alongside some of the best female idols in the company. In their performances, the idols have been slaying the stage…

| Mnet K-POP/ YouTube 

Of course, with every K-Pop music performance, fans eagerly wait for the fancams to see each idol shine in their own right, and Winter was so exception. In a newly released video released on January 29, Winter was definitely a true star owning the stage as netizens have come to expect.

| M2/ YouTube
| M2/ YouTube

Yet, despite her star performance, something else caught the attention of fans, and it was the video’s thumbnail. Each GOT the beat member had their own fancam with stunning thumbnails and an impressive number of views…

| M2/ YouTube

However, recently, Winter went viral for her own thumbnail. At the start of the video, the idol gave the camera her cutest face.

| M2/ YouTube

And, although Winter is known for her sharp and stunning visuals, the gesture was so cute it became her thumbnail. Winter is blowing out her cheeks in the thumbnail and making the most adorable face!

| M2/ YouTube

Many netizens believe that this adorable thumbnail is why Winter’s fancam has so many views; it is currently at over 1.4 million, compared to the other videos on the channel. They loved the fact that the group all had badass thumbnails, and then Winter looked adorable AF.

However, it isn’t the first time Winter has caught the attention of fans for breaking the mold and being cute. After releasing their track “Next Level,” fans fell in love with Winter when her serious ending fairy

Made her burst into laughter.

| M2/ YouTube

Although aespa are always praised for their “royal” visuals, it is always nice to see that the members continue to show their youthful and humorous side, even when they’re on camera.

You can watch the whole fancam below.

Source: M2