Aespa’s Giselle Spoils Upcoming Studio Album Against SM Entertainment’s Wishes

“Our manager’s there looking very worried, but oops! The word is out!”

Aespa, the sensational K-pop girl group, made waves today during their press conference for their latest release, leaving fans in both excitement and disbelief. After a hiatus of 10 months, Aespa made a powerful comeback with their highly anticipated 3rd mini album, My World, featuring the electrifying title track, “Spicy.” However, what stole the spotlight wasn’t just their new music but a surprising revelation by none other than Aespa’s own Giselle, who dared to spoil the group’s upcoming full-length studio album against the wishes of their agency, SM Entertainment.

Fans had eagerly awaited news of a full album from Aespa, and their hopes were momentarily dashed when My World was announced as a mini album. Disappointment loomed in the hearts of fans who had been patiently waiting for the group to release a complete studio album. Adding to the frustration, observant fans had noticed several unreleased songs performed during Aespa’s first concert didn’t make it on the tracklist for My World, leaving them wondering why these gems would remain hidden.

In a moment of rebellion or perhaps empathy towards the fans’ disappointment, Giselle boldly spilled the beans about the group’s forthcoming full-length album, much to the chagrin of their management. She fearlessly declared that the album is, in fact, on its way. Giselle’s candid revelation left the attendees astonished yet thrilled by the prospect of a complete album.

You can look forward to our full-length album with great songs soon. We’ve been preparing hard since before. Manager oppa’s face is not good, but I already said it, so…

— aespa’s Giselle

Not stopping there, Winter added fuel to the fire, mentioning the group had been saving songs specifically for a full-length album. The excitement on the internet skyrocketed as fans realized their patience was about to be rewarded with a treasure trove of unreleased tracks.

There are songs that we’ve been saving up for a full-length album, and we’ve been preparing for a long time. You may look forward to them!

— aespa’s Winter

Amidst the buzz, Karina couldn’t help but acknowledge their manager’s visible concern over Giselle’s spontaneous revelation, playfully saying, “Our manager’s there looking very worried, but oops! The word is out!” The members’ lighthearted banter showcased their camaraderie and their shared enthusiasm for their upcoming project, despite the agency’s intention to keep it under wraps.

It’s going to have great songs, a lot of them!

— aespa’s Giselle

As news of Aespa’s upcoming full-length album spreads like wildfire, fans remain elated and eager to witness the group’s highly anticipated musical journey. The unexpected revelation by Giselle, backed by Winter’s confirmation, has only fueled the anticipation surrounding their future releases. Aespa’s determination to deliver exceptional music continues to captivate their global audience, leaving fans on the edge of their seats, ready to embrace the enchanting world of Aespa’s forthcoming studio album.

Source: Celeb Confirmed, Korea Odyssey and Celeb Confirmed
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