AfreecaTV BJ Exposes CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun For His Degrading Instagram DM

She exposed him in front of hundreds of thousands of followers.

An AfreecaTV broadcast jockey (BJ) has exposed CNBLUE member Lee Jonghyun for his degrading DM he sent her through Instagram.

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On the morning of August 28, BJ Park Min Jung posted a screenshot on her Instagram story, showing that she received a message from “cnbluegt”, Lee Jonghyun’s Instagram account name.

In the screenshot., she could be seen wondering whether this message was from the real CNBLUE member and not a fake imposter, but it was definitely real thanks to the verification check next to his name.

I’m really enjoying watching your YouTube channel. They’re really fun, please upload more.

Your stomach fat is really cute

โ€” Lee Jonghyun

Some Koreans are disgusted with his manner of speaking to someone, saying something as crude as he did to anyone, especially a woman.

  • As expected, you can’t get rid of old mannerisms.
  • Please just fuck right off from your group.
  • He really is insane.
  • He even does things like this with non-celebrities…
  • This reminds me of Leeteuk’s DM to Yeonwoo… looks like a lot of male idols do things like this…
  • He can’t get a grip. Just leave your group, you’re harming them so much.

Park Min Jung is a YouTuber and AfreecaTV streamer with a total of over 700,000 combined followers and subscribers through her various social media profiles.

Source: TheQoo