AfreecaTV BJ Exposes Himself While Urinating During Live Broadcast — Netizens Are Dissatisfied With His Punishment

Is it special treatment?

An AfreecaTV broadcaster (BJ) recently exposed himself during a live broadcast. However, there has been controversy surrounding his reduced disciplinary measures after netizens speculated he was getting special treatment.

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On September 26, the AfreecaTV BJ named Bbanghoony was drinking alcohol and eating while doing a live broadcast. He was doing the alcohol mukbang with a woman in a pension, and when the woman went into her room, he fell asleep.

BJ Bbanghoony |  Bbanghoony/AfreecaTV

About an hour later, he woke up and suddenly urinated on the table he was sitting at, exposing his genitals in the process.


AfreecaTV administrators quickly found out about the incident and shut down his livestream. Following this major broadcasting accident, Bbanghoony’s channel was given a six-month suspension from AfreecaTV.

Initial disciplinary measures for Bbanghoony | Bbanghoony/AfreecaTV

Day of suspension: 2023.09.26 02:13:45
End of suspension: 2024.03.24 02:13:45
Suspension period: 180 days
Reason for suspension: Obscenity (Exposure of genitals, sexual activity)

The issue, however, arose when AfreecaTV reduced Bbanghoony’s channel suspension from 180 days to 30 days on October 5. As a result, Bbanghoony can resume activities on AfreecaTV after 2:13 a.m. (local time) on October 26.

Some netizens raised suspicions that the fact that Bbanghoony is a partner BJ of AfreecaTV may have influenced their decision to reduce his disciplinary measures. Some conspiracy theories suggest that a well-known BJ exerted influence to lower his punishment.


Netizens who learned of the news expressed dissatisfaction, saying, “Did he submit hundreds of petitions? Even a model citizen wouldn’t have received such a reduced penalty,” and “This is too much! He blatantly exposed private parts, and the suspension period is only one month; it doesn’t make sense.”

Many believed that although Bbanghoony’s actions were considered a mistake, it was unacceptable. Some even stated that his actions deserved to be charged for public obscenity.

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Bbanghoony became a partner BJ on AfreecaTV in July. Partner BJs are those who have entered into a partnership agreement with AfreecaTV, receiving various benefits such as stock options.

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