Afrojack Says He Wants To Work With BTS Suga

Could this mean another collaboration?

According to Billboard Korea, Afrojack revealed that he’d like to work with BTS, in particular, Suga!


Afrojack, who performed at the UMF Korea this June, had recently returned to Korea for the opening party of Club Chroma in Incheon.


In an exclusive interview with Billboard Korea, the DJ revealed his thoughts about working with BTS as he explained his views on K-Pop.

“I believe Korean entertainment companies such as YG or SM are setting a great example on the direction they should be heading towards in the music industry. I’m aware of the fact that they are focusing more on their artists rather than the label, and one day, I’d like work with BTS, who previously worked with Steve Aoki, in particular, Suga.” ㅡ Afrojack


Just the thought of a collaboration between the two extremely talented artists has already gotten fans awaiting with anticipation.


Afrojack’s statement proves once again just how talented and sought after BTS just is! Here’s in hopes for another legendary collaboration!

Source: Herald Pop