After “Alcohol-Free”, TWICE’s Jihyo Reveals Which Concept She’d Like To Try For Their Next Comeback

ONCEs would probably love this concept too!

While TWICE has been trying out edgier, more mature concepts for their last few comebacks, they are also well-known for their signature, bright, cheery concepts that took the K-Pop world by storm back when they debuted!

TWICE during their “TT” era | JYP Entertainment

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, Jihyo discussed the group’s concept, and revealed that their bright concept was one she wanted to try again! With “Alcohol-Free”, TWICE had returned to a more upbeat, cheerful concept while retaining their more mature sound, and in the interview, Jihyo revealed that she was glad to have gone back to that familiar concept of theirs!

It may not be ‘trying out’, [but] we had a bright concept for “Alcohol-Free” after a long time, so I want another bright song again!


With the way Jihyo absolutely killed it with “Alcohol-Free”, it’s no wonder she wants a bright song again, because she’ll fit it to a tee!

And with some of their biggest hits being their bright, upbeat songs, TWICE will definitely make waves once again when they have a comeback with a bright concept once more!

Source: Youtube