Statistics reveal genders and age groups attending SEVENTEEN, BTS and EXO concerts

On September 9th, statistics have been disclosed, showing both the genders and age groups of fans attending SEVENTEEN, BTS and EXO concerts.

It’s unsurprising to fans that a large percentage of concert attendees are females, with BTS concerts having the highest ratio of girls (96.6%) out of the three groups. However, EXO was shown to have the highest percentage of males (9.3%).

Age-wise, there is a greater variance between the groups; 72.5% of SEVENTEEN’s concert audience is comprised of teenagers (aged 10-19), similar to BTS’s 67.8% of teenage concert goers. EXO, however, mainly has young adults (aged 20-29) going to their concerts (approximately 68%). Interestingly, almost 10% of EXO’s concert audience are 30-39 years old, three times the statistic of both SEVENTEEN’s and BTS’s respective 30 year age group concert audiences.

Recently, SEVENTEEN was met with an shockingly provocative request during their tour in Australia. Also, EXO has sold over 1 million album copies on Hanteo, ranking number 1 in album sales this year. Eagle eyed fans managed to spot BTS’s album in Apple‘s latest iPhone 7 presentation!

Source: Instiz