Korean Actor Disappears After Allegedly Stealing Money From Multiple People

“I really want to die.”

Actor Lee Jong Soo’s agency was unable to reach him for a week after he was sued for fraud.


The accuser claimed that Lee Jong Soo agreed to be the host for their wedding and received $800 USD from them, but did not show up that day. They eventually filed a lawsuit, but the actor’s agency immediately apologized for the incident and compensated the accuser to which they withdrew the lawsuit.


Another accuser proclaimed on an internet broadcast that they let Lee Jong Soo borrow approximately $28,000 USD but was not paid back on the promised date. They also added that they were swindled out of approximately $225,000 USD by a person introduced by Lee Jong Soo.

“I signed an IOU with Lee Jong Soo and let him borrow money, but I wasn’t paid back on the promised date. I haven’t received the money and I plan to file a lawsuit against it. I was also tricked by a person Lee Jong Soo introduced me to and the fraud amount was $225,000 USD.” ㅡ Accuser


After 8 days of not being able to contact Lee Jong Soo, the agency finally received 2 emails from him explaining the situation. In the email, he explained that he has been faithfully paying off his debt and even sent a copy of his bank statement with the emails.

“After signing the IOU for $28,000 USD, I sent 2.3% interest every month not skipping even once, and I have even repaid $12,200 USD of the principal.” ㅡ Lee Jong Soo


In regard to the fraud allegedly committed by the person he introduced to the accuser, he clarified that it had nothing to do with him and that although it was true he introduced the two, the person himself borrowed the money with 5 Mercedez cars as collateral. He added that “he really wanted to die“.


In his second email, he gave his sincere apologies but there was no mention of the wedding event in his email.

“I want to apologize to everyone. I’m sorry is all I can say. Now, I will have to make a choice.” ㅡ Lee Jong Soo


According to one media outlet, Lee Jong Soo’s agency Kook Entertainment stated that they will be filing a lawsuit for false information and defamation of character against the internet broadcasting company that distributed the false information, the accuser who appeared on the internet broadcast and the media outlet that rashly published the information.

“If Lee Jong Soo has done wrong, we can bring him back to Korea and have him serve his punishment. However, exaggerating facts that are not even true and making him suffer is not right. We hope that the situation will have a smooth outcome and that people will not continue to rashly accuse Lee Jong Soo.” ㅡ Kook Entertainment


Source: Huffington Post and EToday