Ahgases Praise GOT7’s “CEO Line” After Jay B Reportedly Moves To Trademark His Own Recording Label

Could Jay B’s company be handling GOT7’s rumored comeback?

GOT7‘s “CEO line” is making Ahgases proud after leader Jay B allegedly moved to trademark his own recording label, 528Hz. This brings the total number of CEO’s in GOT7 to 3, including Jackson Wang and Mark Tuan.

Jackson’s TEAM WANG have been busy blowing everyone’s minds with Jackson’s creative projects since it was established in 2017, while Mark launched his company Mark Tuan Studio in 2021 following GOT7’s departure from JYP Entertainment. With Jay B establishing 528Hz, fans can’t help but be proud of the big steps GOT7’s members are taking in their careers!

Jay B reportedly applied to trademark several things for 528Hz, including licensing of film and TV projects, tours, live performances, and lightsticks, on April 11.

Fans have pointed out that so far, the status of the application is still pending…

…but an Instagram account for the company seems to already have been set up and is following Jay B.

| @528hz.kr/Instagram

The account is followed by members of Jay B’s Õffshore crew, as well as artist and producer JUNNY, who has worked with Jay B before.

| @528hz.kr/Instagram

While the news has yet to be confirmed, Ahgases are already expressing their pride in Jay B…

…as well as some understandable shock as to how he can get so much done!

Additionally, Jay B has been receiving praise for the touching reference in the name ‘528Hz,’ which is said to be a healing frequency for the body.

Ahgases feel like Jay B establishing 528Hz says a lot about the kind of person he is and the purpose that he imbues into his music and his projects.

And in fact, they can’t help but speculate as to what some of those projects may be…

We definitely can’t wait for an official confirmation! If Jackson’s historic performance at Coachella 2022 is any indication, GOT7 are thriving—and the newest addition to its CEO line only adds to the long list of GOT7 achievements to be proud of.

Plus, one can’t deny the CEO line’s impeccable boss vibes!

We can’t wait to see what comes of this news. But in any case, Ahgases will always be proud of the members no matter what!

Source: Twitter and Instagram