Ahgases Started A Ribbon Project For GOT7 And Some ARMYs Are Outraged

“So stealing our ribbon project is a thing now?? How about make your own project???”

When GOT7 arrived in Canada recently, Ahgases greeted them by creating a safe perimeter of green ribbons to help them make their way out of the airport – and A.R.M.Ys are outraged, because it was BTS fandom’s idea first.


When BTS arrived in Los Angeles earlier this year, fans put together a “Purple Ribbon Project” where they held purple ribbons across the crowds as barricades for BTS to walk through. Other fans who weren’t in the front row to hold the ribbon wore purple ribbons to show support.


BTS was so impressed they spoke about it in an interview with Hollywood Access.

“They got those purple ribbons for the security. They put it all the way around us through, inside and outside the airport to keep the security for us. They did it themselves, so that is really an amazing thing.” — RM


And V even did a mini-photo shoot with the ribbon.


So A.R.M.Ys are outraged that Ahgases used the idea.


But some are defending the appropriation, saying they got permission from the creator of the “Purple Ribbon Project” before using it.


There has, however, been some debate as to whether Ahgases actually gave details to the Purple Ribbon Project creators when they asked to use the idea. Some A.R.M.Ys also don’t think the creator should have spoken for all BTS fans.


On the other hand, many ARMYs are shaking their heads at the uproar.


Meanwhile, GOT7 and BTS have nothing but love and respect for each other.

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