Ahgase Parties With GOT7’s Mark Tuan And Jackson Wang, Revealing Their True Personalities

This is what fanfictions are made of!

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan and Jackson Wang are beloved by Ahgases (also known as iGOT7).

Mark Tuan (left) and Jackson Wang (right).

One lucky Ahgase met both rappers at Mark Tuan’s recent listening party in L.A. for his album The Other Side and revealed their true personalities.

M (@LUNARM4RK on Twitter) posted a selfie with Mark on August 24 (PDT). Shortly after, she shared her feelings about Mark’s upcoming solo album The Other Side. 

She not only met Mark and listened to his new album, though. M also took a shot with him, teaching him how to take it “the Latin way,” saying “up, down, center & in.”

M emphasized what a nice person Mark Tuan is IRL. He was a great host to the event, treating everyone kindly and respectfully.

M did not meet just Mark but also his family, such as Joey Tuan. Like Mark, they’re all so sweet too!

M concluded by wishing for other Ahgases to meet Mark and Jackson!


True Personalities