An Ahgase’s Idol-Worthy Performance During TWICE’s “READY TO BE” Tour Goes Viral

ONCEs are loving the talented multistan. 💗💚

TWICE‘s READY TO BE world tour began in the middle of April as the group kicked off a successful two-night concert in Seoul at KSPO Dome.

(From left:) TWICE’s Momo, Mina, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Dahyun, Tzuyu, Chaeyoung, Sana, and Jihyo during day 1 of “Ready To Be” in Seoul. | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

TWICE continues to charm fans on their world tour, performing their biggest hits, showing off their individual talents with solo stages, and sharing heartwarming interactions with each other and ONCEs during the concert.

Their READY TO BE show brought back some fan-favorite moments from previous tours, including using a spinning wheel to determine their encore song and having fun interactive games for the audience to play during breaks in the setlist.

The group is currently in Australia and recently completed two shows in Sydney.

During the show’s intermission, TWICE challenge ONCE to “missions,” having fans copy the group’s popular choreography as one lucky fan is shown on the jumbo screen.



♬ original sound – milo🤯💚

The “ONCE Missions” are always a fun part of the concert, but one lucky ONCE stole the show during their mission and earned their own fans.

During TWICE’s Sydney show, a passionate ONCE smoothly performed TWICE’s “SET ME FREE,” making eye contact with the camera the entire time while giving an idol-worthy charismatic performance.

Complete with an ending pose, the ONCE had fellow fans thoroughly entertained during the mission and quickly went viral, earning over 252,300 likes and 1.1 million views on a TikTok of the “ONCE Mission.”


awooolllllaaaa set him free guys 🥹 . . . . . . . #twice #kpop #fyp #twicesydney #twicesydneyday2 #dance #twicereadytobetoursydney #twicereadytobe #dancecam


Aside from the ONCEs’ skills, it was also noticed they were holding a GOT7 lightstick, with fans loving the fandom crossover.

The lucky multistan now has fans around the world, loving the energy they gave the performance and the multifandom show of support.

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