Ahgases Believe GOT7’s Youngjae Might Appear In K-Drama “Hospital Playlist”—Here’s Why

He’s been dropping hints…

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

GOT7‘s Youngjae recently teased Ahgases with a selfie of himself on the UNIVERSE app as he had special effects make-up on, making him appear injured with blood on his face. He told Ahgases that it was a secret but to be rest assured he had not fought with Yugyeom.

Since then, Ahgases have been speculating that he might be going to guest or at least have a cameo on season two of tvN and Netflix‘s K-Drama Hospital Playlist.

GOT7’s Youngjae covered in fake blood | @pjyjiaer/Twitter & UNIVERSE
| @pjypost/Twitter & UNIVERSE

Not only does Youngjae’s recent selfie cause many to believe that he was on set of Hospital Playlist but he has also been “liking” a lot of miscellaneous Hospital Playlist-related posts on Netflix Korea’s Instagram account.

| @onhismark/Twitter & @netflixkr/Instagram
| @onhismark/Twitter & @netflixkr/Instagram

Currently, Youngjae appears as the character of Sam, a Korean Australian student on Netflix’s sitcom So Not Worth It. Considering, many actors who have starred in a Netflix K-Drama then reappear on other Netflix K-Dramas, it seems highly probable Youngjae might be on the next season of Hospital Playlist!

Youngjae with the cast of “So Not Worth It” | @netflixkr/Twitter
Source: UNIVERSE, Instagram (1) and (2) and @pjyjiaer