Ahgases Commend GOT7’s Jay B For Eco-Friendly Design Of His Solo Album

He helped design the album so that it would be recyclable.

GOT7‘s Jay B released his solo EP SOMU:FUME on August 26. To celebrate its release, he held a live broadcast through his label H1GHR MUSIC and connected with fans.


Near the end of the live broadcast, he pulled out a physical copy of the album to show viewers. He proudly displayed the design that he collaborated on with the art director.

I wanted to show you this. Our art director did an excellent job.

— Jay B


He was excited to let Ahgases know that the album itself is actually recyclable. He emphasized that it was essential to him that the design be “related to environmental awareness.”

It’s really cool on the back too. I was going to post this on my Insta. If you see here, it’s a recycled good. This was very important. I wanted something related to environmental awareness. That was what I had in mind.

— Jay B


While it may have been a bigger album than he initially expected as he originally envisioned a traditional plastic CD case, he was very proud of it. He showed all aspects of the design, from the outer packaging to the booklet and the CD itself.

And here in the bag, there’s the album. As for the format, I like it very much. And this photo, this cover, I absolutely love this.

— Jay B


Ahgases are commending Jay B for not only his musical work on the album but emphasizing an environmentally conscious message through the album’s design. It’s incredibly admirable to see an artist so proactive about their impact on the environment, so they get actively involved in the creative construction of the physical albums.


He wanted his album to be eco friendly 🥺 we love a man who cares about the earth #jayb #highermusic #h1ghrmusic #jaebeom #got7 #somofume #kpopalbum

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While we at this time can’t imagine our albums being out of our possession and going out into the world as “trash,” a lot of our albums will last beyond us, and as horrific as it is to think of it, they will likely end up in landfills in the future. Most albums can negatively impact the environment, but Jay B shows that alternatives can be done that don’t sacrifice artistry or quality in album productions but can still reduce harm to our planet.

We stan not only a multitalented musician but an environmentally conscious king!