YouTuber Pressures Actor Ahn Bo Hyun To Go With Him To Maid Café

Ahn Bo Hyun continually refused.

Actor Ahn Bo Hyun recently guested on YouTuber friend KwakTube‘s channel.

The two visited Japan in the video. KwakTube recommended they go to Aruaru City in Kitakyushu, Japan. According to Google, it’s a “Compact mall with shops selling anime, manga & cosplay merchandise, plus karaoke clubs & eateries.”

 It’s called Aruaru City. If we don’t have much to do, we should grab something to drink here. Something quick? Like a soda, maybe?

— KwakTube


When they arrived, KwakTube approached a well-known maid café, Maidreamin.

Maidreamin is one of the largest maid café restaurant chains in Japan, owned by Neodelight International, Inc. The restaurant chain employs over 500 maids at 18 restaurants in Japan and Thailand.

— Wikipedia

| 곽튜브/YouTube

Maidreamin Kokura Branch

— Caption

KwakTube was already inside, greeting the café staff, when he realized Ahn Bo Hyun was not inside yet. Looking behind him, he saw Ahn Bo Hyun awkwardly standing at the door. So, he asked him what was wrong.


KwakTube: Hello? [Ahn Bo Hyun stands at the door]

KwakTube: Why, what’s wrong?

KwakTube encouraged Ahn Bo Hyun to come inside, but Bo Hyun declined. Despite Bo Hyun’s refusal, KwakTube continued attempting to pressure him to go inside. Likewise, Bo Hyun kept motioning for KwakTube to leave.


KwakTube: Come inside!

Ahn Bo Hyun: No, it’s OK.

KwakTube: C’mon! Let’s get coffee!

Ahn Bo Hyun: No…

KwakTube: It’s OK! It’s not like the maids are going to kill you.

While they disagreed, Ahn Bo Hyun looked around uncomfortably. Bo Hyun even attempted to persuade KwakTube by offering to purchase him a coffee elsewhere. Still, KwakTube wouldn’t accept.


Ahn Bo Hyun: Come, I’ll buy you something else.

KwakTube: Just come in!

Ahn Bo Hyun: I’ll buy you Starbucks.

KwakTube: I don’t need Starbucks. I also have my own money, too.

It looked like both men were not going to give in. Yet, it cut to show them outside with the caption, “We were unable to film inside.” Shortly after, they went for a meal.


So, whether they stayed to get a coffee at the maid café is uncertain.

Source: 곽튜브

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