Ahn Bo Hyun’s Past Reaction To “My Name” Co-Star Han So Hee Mentioning BLACKPINK Is Going Viral After His Dating News With Jisoo

Someone might need to to check on his BLACKPINK knowledge now…

The K-Pop and K-Drama world was shook when it was announced that BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and actor Ahn Bo Hyun have been dating. Of course, following the news, it’s not surprising that fans are looking for past interactions, no matter how indirect they are.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram
Actor Ahn Bo Hyun | @bohyunahn/Instagram 

Dispatch recently released photos alongside a video, with Jisoo directly commenting on the early stages of her relationship with the actor.

Following the news, a clip from an old interview is going viral after Ahn Bo Hyun’s reaction to a BLACKPINK song.

In 2021, Ahn Bo Hyun starred alongside Han So Hee in the hit Netflix K-Drama My Name. In the show, Ahn Bo Hyun showcased his visuals and amazing acting, along with impressing netizens with his chemistry with Han So Hee.

Han So Hee and Ahn Bo Hyun in “My Name” | Netflix

To promote the show, Ahn Bo Hyun, Han So Hee, and co-star Park Hee Soon appeared in a special video. During the video, they had to do missions, and at one point, they had to do an acrostic poem with “My Name.”

The first letter was “M,” and while Ahn Bo Hyun tried to think of something and ended with “My punk,” Han So Hee had something else in mind as she started singing the lyrics to BLACKPINK’s song “AS IF IT’s YOUR LAST.”

Han So Hee then asked if Ahn Bo Hyun knew the song, and he added that he did.

Sadly as Han So Hee started singing again, with the hope someone would join along, Ahn Bo Hyun explained that he didn’t know that song.

After the dating news was revealed, it wasn’t surprising that the clip quickly went viral again. While some joked that Ahn Bo Hyun should probably learn the lyrics now, others thought that Han So Hee was manifesting the future.

Hopefully, Ahn Bo Hyun has learned the songs now and will be able to sing along with anyone, maybe even Jisoo herself.

You can read more about past interviews resurfacing following the dating news below.

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Source: Netflix K-Content