Disney Released All Copyrights For BTS—Ahn Ji Hwan Spills The Tea

He also revealed which member he believes should be a voice actor!

Korean voice actor, television and radio presenter, and actor Ahn Ji Hwan recently went on MBC Entertainment‘s Radio Star and recounted his time on BTS‘s variety show Run BTS!.

Ahn Ji Hwan

He appeared on Episode 109, an iconic episode where the members are trained on voice acting. They memorably did voiceover for iconic Disney and Pixar films such as Zootopia, Lion King, and Toy Story.

The Radio Star cast was shook when he mentioned that he worked with BTS. Ahn Ji Hwan recalled receiving a phone call from HYBE/BigHit

The most famous person I [worked] with recently was BTS. Someone on BTS’s side called me going ‘This is BTS’s company…’

— Ahn Ji Hwan

He was asked if he could teach the BTS members how to do dubbing or voiceover. Naturally, Ahn Ji Hwan was curious.

And so I went ‘What is it/How may I help you?’ And they asked if I could teach them how to do dubbing. So, I went ‘Oh? Why? What kind of dubbing should I teach them?’

— Ahn Ji Hwan

The members are fans of the classic variety show Infinite Challenge, so they were interested in doing an episode of Run BTS! similar to the episode he had appeared on of that show. Of course, he couldn’t decline!

And it turns out they had watched the Infinite Challenge episode that I appeared on. They said it would be nice if I could teach BTS like that. So, we scheduled it, and ‘I went! They’re stars of stars, world stars, right?’

— Ahn Ji Hwan

If getting a call from BTS’s company wasn’t already a big deal, Ahn Ji Hwan remembered another moment he was especially proud of. As you know, many clips from iconic Disney films were used to make the Run BTS! episode.

At the time, there was one thing that I was really proud of from the bottom of my heart. The company called Walt Disney is so strict/thorough when it comes to managing copyrights to the extent that you can’t use anything (videos/audios)…

— Ahn Ji Hwan

The Walt Disney company is one of the largest, most successful companies globally and is very thorough and strict when it comes to copyright. Yet, when it came to BTS, they released copyrights for them.

Walt Disney is very strict/adamant. BUT! for BTS, Walt Disney released all copyrights for them. I was so amused. So, I asked ‘This may be subject to copyright?’ And the person(staff) there said ‘No, Walt Disney released copyrights for us. [going] BTS can use them all’

— Ahn Ji Hwan

When asked who was the best at dubbing, Ahn Ji Hwan complimented all. Yet, there was one member who stood out. It was the trained actor himself, Jin!

They’re all good but if I had to choose someone amongst them to work with as a voice actor, I think Jin was the best. He did/took it really seriously.

— Ahn Ji Hwan

This should come as no surprise, though. At the time, even the Korean voice actors Jung Jae Heon and Ahn So Yi praised Jin too.

It was surely a memorable and positive experience for Ahn Ji Hwan. Still, he is waiting on his photos taken with BTS! So, he teasingly reminded the staff.

An official from their side offered to take a commemorative photo [of us]. So, I took a photo with BTS. After we took the photo, they said they would send it to me, but…excuse me! Please send them to me quickly! Why aren’t you sending that to me? Please, at least just the photo!

— Ahn Ji Hwan

Watch the video clip below:

Source: @btsbaragi_jk


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