Ahn Jung Hwan involved in minor car accident

Former national soccer player and current MBC soccer commentator, Ahn Jung Hwan, has been confirmed to be in a four-car-collision on the night of January 13th (KST).

The police reported on January 14th (KST), “Around 9.15pm last night, Ahn Jung Hwan was in a minor car accident. He was on his way home after recording the broadcast for the Korea vs Kuwait soccer match. During the accident, he was in the Carnival that his road manager Lee was driving.”

According to the police reports, the accident happened as Mr. Kim’s Lexus ran over Ahn Jung Hwan’s Carnival that was waiting for the light. Furthermore, Mr. Kim had reportedly been driving under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol concentration over 0.1%, which is eligible for revocation of his driver’s license.

Along with Ahn Jung Hwan who showed pain in his neck and face, six other people were injured from the collision. They all received treatment at the hospital and have returned home since then.

The police announced to remand Mr. Kim for causing the car accident while driving drunk.

Source: Seoul en