Ahn Sohee Opens Up About The Time She Spent The Night Walking On The Beach With Gong Yoo

They spent the whole night walking along the beach…

During Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator, the hosts revealed that Ahn Sohee was once spotted taking a long walk on the beach with famous actor Gong Yoo.


When her Waikiki 2 co-star, Lee Yi Kyung, began to get jealous over their closeness, Sohee began to grow nervous.


But she quickly clarified that she wasn’t alone with Gong Yoo. The whole cast from “Train To Busan” spent the night walking along the beach!

“That was back when I was filming ‘Train To Busan’. The actors were all very close, so we all went! Everyone.”

— Sohee


The cast members quickly grew close so they had apparently gone out to have fun together after a day of filming!


Wanting to become close friends with Sohee too, Lee Yi Kyung jokingly asked her to walk the Han River with him. And Sohee accepted!


To farther play along with Lee Yi Kyung’s jealousy, host Ahn Jung Hwan asked who she had better chemistry with Gong Yoo or Lee Yi Kyung.


Sohee’s initial stutter brought the whole set to laughter before she clarified that she matches better with Lee Yi Kyung when it comes to humor!


No matter who it was with or what kind of humor code anyone has, who wouldn’t want to join Gong Yoo on a long walk on the beach?!