Married Second-Generation Idol Loses 25kgs (55 lbs) In Shocking Transformation — Reveals Her Diet Secrets

See how the idol lost all that weight!

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

Former T-ara member Ahreum (also known as Areum) revealed her drastic transformation.

Ahreum | wikitree

Recently the former idol uploaded an Instagram post. In her post, Ahreum shared that she had lost a whopping 25kg (55 lb) over eight months.

Ahreum also revealed how she lost the weight. According to the former idol, rather than think of herself on a diet, Ahreum concentrated on sculpting her body.

Rather than thinking I was on a diet, I focused on controlling my weight and maintaining my lines (figure). It’s easier if you have a body goal in mind and work towards achieving it.

— Ahreum

The former idol then revealed that she would intermittently fast for 22 hours a day and would go on a cleanse once a month. Ahreum also revealed that she worked out every day.


Ahreum, however, cautioned her fans from following her routine as everyone’s bodies and fitness levels are different.

Everybody’s bodies are different, so you shouldn’t just follow my routine. You have to make sure your body and mind are healthy. It isn’t worth having a good body if you lose your mental and physical health. I think it is best to first start at a level that is suitable to you and work hard from there.

— Ahreum

Meanwhile, Ahreum made her debut with T-ara in 2012. The former singer married her non-celebrity husband, with whom she has two children, in 2019.

Source: wikitree


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