Popular Korean Influencer’s Death In Cambodia Is Shrouded In Mystery After Reported Rumors Claim She Was Found Badly Beaten

There are reported rumors claiming there may be more to the story.

Reported rumors claim there might be more to the death of a Korean influencer in Cambodia.

Ahyeong | lovely_ahyeong/Instagram

On June 11, a Cambodian news outlet reported that a Korean woman, who was traveling in the country, was found dead in a village near Phnom Penh, the country’s capital.

Korean Female Streamer Found Dead In Cambodia, Chinese Couple Arrested For Abandoning Her Body

The news outlet reported that the woman was Ahyeong, a popular influencer and internet streamer who had over 250K followers on Instagram.

According to the Cambodian news outlet, the influencer arrived in the country on June 2. During her second day in the country, Ahyeong reportedly died after receiving an injection at a hospital. Local police reported that a Chinese couple, who owned the hospital, had been arrested.

A Chinese couple is suspected to be behind the influencer’s death | Sports Chosun

One local witness, however, raised doubts about her cause of death when they stated that the influencer seemed as if she was badly beaten.

The local media and embassy are saying it doesn’t look like she was murdered, but her face was found badly swollen.

— Anonymous witness

The anonymous informant would go on to say that there were also rumors that contradicted local reporting.

There are rumors claiming she was assaulted.

— Anonymous witness

Still some internet sleuths believed that the assaults came after the influencer’s death and that the Chinese couple had beaten the Ahyeong’s corpse to make her unidentifiable.

A YouTube short covering Ahyeong’s death | @issue77/YouTube

A representative of the Korean embassy in Cambodia has since stated that authorities were still investigating the death.

We will be responding with the Korean police as the Cambodian police share information from the investigation.

— Representative of the Korean embassy in Cambodia

Recently, famous Korean comedian Seo Se Won also died in Cambodia after receiving a shot at a local hospital. The comedian is said to have moved to the country for business.

Seo Se Won | Dkilbo

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: wikitree, sports chosun and dkilbo